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May 2023

It's been 5 years since the Carpet Pages projects started, and to celebrate this 5 year anniversary we delve back into the roots of the series itself - actual manuscript carpet pages. This year’s Carpet Pages takes a slightly different turn - a look at an integral part of my practice, which is teaching, transmission and transformation, Shahrazad-style, and a chance to have a go at making one yourself. I take you through the complex process of making a carpet page in simple steps. Carpet Pages VI: Make is a behind-the-scenes, analytical, anatomical and thoroughly researched self-paced class in designing and MAKING your own carpet page written in the style of a traditional maker's manual, entirely with words and images. Here:

And I'll be running a special live series here for 2023:

This image is by Mulla Ala Bik Tabrizi, second half of the 16th century.

The Carpet Pages cycle is a project series presented by artist and curator Vaishali Prazmari. The dazzling title pages of both Islamic and Medieval European manuscript books were called Carpet Pages in reference to their intricate rug-like patterns. These exquisitely detailed and highly ornamented and illuminated surfaces were covered in arabesques and geometric patterns and often included the use of gold and jewel-like, precious pigments. As book pages are sequential, so future projects will build on this 5th chapter. Carpets are visual feasts for the eye and this 5th iteration in the Carpet Pages cycle promises the same. The curator's love of carpets also reflects the wider goal of this project sequence which is to bring together diverse ideas into a whole; to unite disparate elements into a unified pattern, which is one of the goals of rug-making itself.

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